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GEROPROTECT Anti-Aging Kit item 10010

The products in our Anti-Aging Kit can:


  • Combat the aging-process
  • Promote youthful cell metabolism (GEROPROTECT™ Ageless Cell™)
  • Activates anti-aging pathways (GEROPROTECT™ Longevity A.I.™)


Our cutting-edge products from our anti-aging series GEROPROTECT™ have now been collected in a single Anti-Aging Kit, so you can get both products at a more convenient price. 

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Health Benefits at a Glance:

The anti-aging supplements GEROPROTECT™ Longevity A.I.™ and GEROPROTECT™ Ageless Cell™ are specially designed to combat the natural aging-process in two distinct ways. That is why we now have collected them in a single anti-aging kit. While GEROPROTECT™ Longevity A.I.™ can mimic specific anti-aging effects, GEROPROTECT™ Ageless Cell™ can promote youthful cellular metabolism. Collected in a kit, the product has a lower prices than if bought individually.


Why it Works:

Our cutting edge GEROPROTECT™ products have been specifically formulated to work against the natural aging process in two distinct ways be offering two strategies to combat the natural aging process.

GEROPROTECT™ Longevity A.I.™ targets the anti-aging pathways that are associated with consistent calorie-restriction, while GEROPROTECT™ Ageless Cell™ can promote youthful cellular metabolism. Therefore, our Anti-Aging kit offers a double strategy for slowing down the natural aging process. 

Furthermore, not only will you get a potent formula combination when buying our Anti-Aging Kit, but the cost of buying the kit is also better than if you would buy both products in the kit separately.


The Science Behind the Product:

Together, Life Extension and the medical technology company Insilico Medicine, Inc. have developed the GEROPROTECT™ product line.

In order to develop each product in the GEROPROTECT™ series, Insilico Medicine, Inc.’s highly innovative algorithm is being used to scan and sort hundreds of natural compounds in huge databases for specific anti-aging propertiesl abilities.

The algorithm then ranks the natural compounds with the highest efficacy of the desired anti-aging property. This enables Life Extension to select the most potent ingredients for anti-aging products in the GEROPROTECT™ series.

As such, Life Extension and Insilico Medicine, Inc have used this cutting-edge technology to select the ingredients for both of the products in the Anti-Aging Kit.


Reference List:

*For additional references see the reference list for each individual product


Supplement Facts:

GEROPROTECT™ Longevity A.I.™

GEROPROTECT™ Ageless Cell™


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