Vitamin D Improves Vascular Function

800x600px Vitamin D Improves Vascular Function

By Julie Myers, April 2019   Researchers have added another reason to optimize vitamin D intake—prevention of heart disease and stroke. Scientists discovered that, in a cell study, vitamin D restored a healthy balance between 2 key compounds required to maintain endothelial function. The beneficial compound is nitric oxide that maintains youthful blood vessel elasticity. The toxic one is peroxynitrite that […]

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Allergy Season: It’s Bad and Getting Worse

800x600px Allergy Season: It’s Bad and Getting Worse

… But Three Natural Liposomal Nutrients Can Support You As people walk around sneezing, wheezing and itching, with stuffy, runny noses and watery eyes, they look and feel miserable during the most beautiful months of the year. Allergy season is only getting worse, says Jeffrey Demain, a board-certified allergist and immunologist who spoke last March at […]

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Anti-Aging Foods 101

800x600px Anti-ageing foods

Maylin Rodriguez-Paez RN The possibility of living a long and healthy life in the 21st century is a reality. By the calculations of some experts, the average life span in the near future will be an impressive 120. Of course, a healthy diet is really important when it comes to longevity, especially one that is rich […]

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