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How to Combat the Aging Process - the Natural Way

How to Combat the Aging Process - the Natural Way
By Frederik 2 years ago 905 Views


As we age it is quite natural that our bodies begin to both look and feel older. Many people accept this as a natural life condition. The fact is however that it doesn’t have to be! Nature offers a host of natural ingredients that can help your body both staying and feeling young. But how does this work, and which natural ingredients are best for anti-aging purposes?

Life Extension and Insilico Medicine, an American medical technology company, went together to find the answer to this question.


A unique anti-aging collaboration

Life Extension has together with Insillico Medicine, Inc collaborated on developing the GEROPROTECT™ product line. The companies got together in order to find the compounds most capable of activating different anti-aging pathways.

They have done this by using Insillico Medicine, Inc’s highly innovative A.I. to map and rank hundreds of natural geroprotector compounds for their ability to combat the natural aging process.

The best of these products have then found their way into the formulas in the GEROPROTECT™ product line.


Combine the anti-aging products for synergetic effects

When combined, the products in the series activate several anti-aging pathways, which helps your body both stay and feel young. We have combined two products in the GEROPROTECT™ product line in our Anti-Aging Kit. This kit offers a two-pronged strategy for combatting the natural aging process.

So if you want to kickstart this process this Kit is the perfect way to start.