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The one free habit that can boost your energy in spring

The one free habit that can boost your energy in spring
By Frederik 3 years ago 2918 Views

Feeling tired in spring? This one thing can rid you of springtime fatigue

Springtime is finally here. The days get longer, enhancing sun exposure, which in theory should make people feel more energized. So why do so many people still feel lethargic during spring?

One answer could be that our vitamin deposits are completely depleted, once we leave the winter months behind. It takes time to rebuild our vitamin deposits, which is also why many people keep feeling spent throughout a good part of the spring.

This fact is amplified by that fact that many people still spend most of their time indoors in the colder spring months. In fact, 98% of natural sunlight is blocked out when you stay inside.


Shake off the springtime fatigue with exercise!

Although the weather gradually gets better during springtime, many people still stay indoors for both work and leisure. This limits their exposure to the sun.

In other words, you’ve got every reason to shake of the springtime fatigue, starting today!

What better way to boost your energy, than simply going outside for half an hour per day and enjoy the sun? And best of all, it’s free.

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