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Boost your mind and stay sharp with exercise!

Boost your mind and stay sharp with exercise!
By Frederik 3 years ago 2773 Views

Many people know the feeling of being spent after exercise. But exercise is actually crucial if you are in need of a revitalized mindset. That’s why we have listed two good reasons to exercise if you are aiming at sharpening your mind.


  1. Exercise kickstarts release of serotonin

One of the most important ways that exercise can sharpen your mind is by releasing serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is one of the body’s “feel good hormones”. When you exercise, the rate and frequency at which serotonin is being produced and released in the brain is higher than normal. A study was done by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence of the United Kingdom even found that exercise increases brain serotonin function in humans.


  1. Physical activity helps your mind staying sharp

Another good reason to exercise regularly is that it can help you stay mentally sharp throughout your adult life. This is especially interesting in relation to prevention of age-related cognitive decline.

There is an abundance of evidence that indicates that regular physical activity boosts cognitive health throughout life. For instance, a study with around 2700 participants between the ages of 18-30 years found that greater aerobic fitness was associated with better verbal memory.

Exercising is fun, healthy, and good for both your body and mind. So if you need to feel both physically and mentally revitalized, regular exercise is surely the way to go. And the best thing is that no matter which type of exercise is your thing, all types of exercise can boost both your muscles and your mind!