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Honokiol and PEA: How to break the cycle of chronic pain

Honokiol and PEA: How to break the cycle of chronic pain
By Frederik 3 years ago 3968 Views

Many people struggle with chronic, physical discomforts. The fact is, however, that many people are still not aware that natural compounds can actually help minimize these as well as promoting physical well-being.

In fact, scientists have now discovered two completely naturally occurring compounds that together can help reduce the underlying causes of physical discomforts. These are called PEA and honokiol.


PEA (palmitoylethanolamid) is a natural fatty acid. It is produced by the body in order to reduce inflammation.

It inflicts the root causes of chronic physical discomforts by working at the site of tenderness. This can turn off the discomfort signals produced by the body.

Many clinical trial studies and studies involving statistically significant groups of people have attributed PEA as being a powerful peripherally acting reliever of pain.


The second compound is called honokiol, which is extracted from the Magnolia tree. It operates in the central nervous system and affects how the brain perceives physical discomfort. Honokiol functions by suppressing signals of physical discomforts.

Honokiol binds to a neurotransmitter in the brain called GABA which induces calming discomfort-dampening signals in the brain. Loss of GABA neurotransmitters and reduced GABA signaling plays an important role in the brain’s perception of physical discomforts. That’s why lower counts of GABA in the brain can leave the brain open to continued stimulus from old injuries.

PEA and honokiol offer an exciting and new alternative to managing physical discomforts. We have a range of products that can help you calm your nerves and promote your physical well-being.