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Detoxification: How to rinse your body effectively

Detoxification: How to rinse your body effectively
By Frederik 2 years ago 2404 Views

Spring-time is a good time to consider if your body is in need of a detox. The body is amazing at fending of different types of toxins.


Detoxification is a word that has been ascribed to have many meanings. In its essence, it involves removing various kinds of toxins and toxicants from the body.

Toxins are poisonous compounds produced in living organisms. Toxicants are, however, man-made chemical compounds. Both types of these compounds can inflict damage on cells and DNA as well as disrupt special metabolic pathways. Therefore, it can be a good idea to perform a detoxification, or cleansing, process on the body regularly, to remove these compounds from the body on a regular basis.

When talking about biochemical cleansing, it often refers to two types: the removal of endobiotics and the removal of xenobiotics.


What are endobiotics?

One kind focuses on eliminating undesirable chemicals that the body produces naturally (toxins). These chemicals are called endobiotics.


What are xenobiotics?

The other kind of detoxification revolves around removing foreign chemicals that don’t occur in the body naturally. These foreign chemicals (toxicants) are called xenobiotics.


The body can naturally remove both types of ideal detoxification

The amazing about the body is in this regard, that it activates different enzymatic detoxification systems that can both remove excessive amounts of hormones, vitamins, inflammatory molecules and signaling compounds as well as removing toxins from the environment.

These metabolic detoxification systems are therefore crucial to protect the body from both internal and external toxins.


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