Brain Health

Brain Health: How You Eat Yourself Towards a Healthy Brain

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In the brain, the synapse is where nerve cells connect. This space between the cells allows for electrical signals to move from the brain throughout the body. This electrical signal is essential for everything from moving muscles and feeling pain to remembering where you left your keys. As we get older, these important connections deteriorate, […]

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Brain: Support Your Ability to Focus and Concentrate

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Getting the right nutrients is key for your Brain Health Going through an average day we make thousands of decisions and perform many tasks which require focus, memory, and concentration. Some say we make up to 5,000 decisions each day about everything from what to wear, to business-, social-, and health decisions, family life, an […]

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Boost your mind and stay sharp with exercise!

Exercise can help your mind stay sharp

Many people know the feeling of being spent after exercise. But exercise is actually crucial if you are in need of a revitalized mindset. That’s why we have listed two good reasons to exercise if you are aiming at sharpening your mind.   Exercise kickstarts release of serotonin One of the most important ways that exercise […]

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