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Boost Your Immune System to Avoid a Cold this Year

By admin 2 years ago 593 Views

How to Avoid a Cold this Year and Stay Healthy

When winter comes around the immune system gets increasingly exposed. That's why it can be a good idea to put in an extra effort to ready it for the cold season.

If your immune system is well-prepared for the winter season, you will be less likely to be infected by the many invaders that you encounter daily.  A two-pronged immune system strategy can make you well-prepared for the cold season.

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The Two-Pronged Cold Season Strategy

The Two-Pronged Cold Season Strategy has two steps.

Step 1 is a preventive step, where you fortify your immune defenses. Step 2 is a reactive step, where you take additional supplementation to help knock down the invaders before they can take hold.

Step 1 –  Prepare your immune system

Vitamin C is great when it comes to fortifying and preparing your immune system. It helps to activate both immune cells that can consume and destroy invading organisms and cells that recruit, organize and direct other immune cells.

On the other hand, Vitamin D helps to dismiss an invasion by readying the body’s innate immune system. This is the part of the system which deals with “emergency responses”.

Special probiotics can strengthen the mucous membranes which serve as a barrier for invaders. Natural extracts can boost the function of fighter cells and other components of the immune system.

Step 2 – Take action when the cold symptoms arise

Should certain microbes slip undetected past your immune system anyways, it’s important to be ready with a proper “emergency response”.

For instance, zinc ions released from a special zinc compound can attach themselves to the same cell receptors in the sinuses and throat that certain types of common cold viruses use. This helps to prevent them from getting a foothold in the body and helps knock down an invasion in its tracks.

Some plants naturally have antimicrobal properties. One such is garlic, which is known for its support for healthy immune function.

Right now, we have a wide range of immune system supporting supplements on sale. So, stack up now so you are ready when winter arrives!

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