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Immune System: Learn the Basics to Avoid or Fight the Upcoming Autumn and Winter Colds

Immune System: Learn the Basics to Avoid or Fight the Upcoming Autumn and Winter Colds
By Frederik 1 years ago 1972 Views

When autumn and winter comes around, the immune system gets increasingly exposed, why it can be a good idea to put in an extra effort to make your immune system ready for the cold season.

If your immune system is well-prepared for the autumn and winter season, you will be less likely to be infected by the many invaders that you encounter daily. That is why it is essential to have a two-pronged immune system strategy to be as well prepared for the autumn and winter season as possible.

The Two-Pronged Autumn and Winter Season Strategy

The Two-Pronged Cold Season Strategy has two steps. Step 1 is a preventive step, where you fortify your immune defenses. Step 2 is a reactive step, where you take additional supplementation to help knock down the invaders before they can take hold.

Step 1 – Prepare your immune system

Vitamin C is great when it comes to fortifying and preparing your immune system. Vitamin C helps to activate both immune cells that can consume and destroy invading organisms and cells that recruit, organise and direct other immune cells. Vitamin D, on the other hand, helps to dismiss an invasion by readying the body’s innate immune system, which deals with “emergency responses”. While special probiotics can strengthen the mucus membranes which serve as a barrier for invaders, natural extracts can boost the function of fighter cells and other components of the immune system.

Step 2 – Take action when the cold symptoms arise

Should certain microbes slip undetected past your immune system anyway, it’s important to be ready with a proper “emergency response”. For instance, zinc ions released from a special zinc compound can attach themselves to the same cell receptors in the sinuses and throat that certain types of common cold viruses use, preventing these from taking hold in the body. This helps prevent them from getting a foothold in the body and helps knock down an invasion in its tracks. Garlic is known for its direct antimicrobial properties and support for healthy immune function.

Cat’s Claw – A natural immune support ingredient

How to boost your immune system? It's an age-old question. Plants all over the world protect themselves from pests by developing volatile oils that permeate their leaves, bark, or peel. These can offer many benefits to humans.

Cat’s Claw is a climbing vine that thrives in the Peruvian rainforest—stretching as tall as a thousand feet. Medicinal use of the inner bark dates back 2000 years to the Inca civilization, and to this day South American Ashaninka priests regard the plant as sacred, using it for healing and in religious ceremonies.

The most widely utilized strain of cat’s claw, Uncaria tomentosa, boasts a treasure trove of phytonutrients thought to be responsible for the vine’s reputed healing powers and the ability to strengthen immune defenses.

Try NANOEMULSIFIED CAT'S CLAW ELITE™, which simultaneously supports the immune system and protects against invaders, and is for you, if you are looking for a liposomal immune health booster.

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