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How to Increase Energy Without Stimulants

How to Increase Energy Without Stimulants
By Frederik 3 years ago 4188 Views

By Michael A. Smith, MD

Feeling more energized is all about producing more ATP. Stimulants like caffeine and quick energy sources like sugar may help at first, but they certainly don’t last.

Why? Because their long-term effect on ATP production is pretty much nil. 

And let’s be real, a large bolus of caffeine loaded with sugar in the form of an “energy drink” can be flat-out dangerous. Surely, better options exist.


ATP: A Real Solution for Low Energy

It’s not a lack of stimulants that causes us to feel tired, it’s low ATP production that does. This is why real energy supplements produce sustainable energy by producing ATP. Let’s start with Asian Cordyceps – an interesting endoparasitic fungi, to say the least. They attach to the larvae of ghost moths, producing fruiting-bodies full of energy and endurance nutrients.2,3

Studies show that the Cordyceps supports energy levels by promoting healthy levels of ATP - the energy currency used throughout the body.4,5 Cordyceps also supports healthy insulin sensitivity allowing your cells to efficiently take up sugar from your blood to enable stable energy output.6

In one study, healthy adults age 50-75 took 333 milligrams of Cordyceps extract three times daily for 12 weeks. These study subjects were able to perform a stationary bicycle exercise at maximal levels for over 10% longer before muscle fatigue could be scientifically detected.7

Now take the Cordyceps and add Panax ginseng, an important adaptogenic herb that traditionally is used for stress management. Recognized as one of the most beneficial ginsengs available, it is the species traditionally used in China and Asia.

Evidence indicates that ginseng supports ATP production in the mitochondria.8 Studies have shown that this extract promotes both physical and mental energy, including cognitive performance.9


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Make More ATP and Feel Energized

Both cordyceps and ginseng have hundreds of years’ worth of proven energy-boosting benefits without addictive or toxic potential. Both supplements are now known to act by raising ATP levels, making more energy available to brain, muscle, and other vital organs, while restoring more youthful energy levels.

If more "get up and go" is what you need, consider looking into them!


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