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How to Keep Your DNA Healthy

How to Keep Your DNA Healthy
By Frederik 3 years ago 3223 Views

Having healthy DNA is a prerequisite for having a healthy body because it is the “blueprint” for life. Therefore, damage to DNA is a completely fundamental cause of aging and age-related health issues.

Every second, your genes are attacked by a number of bodily and environmental factors that can result in mutations of your DNA. Free radicals, toxins, and sunlight can all injure the delicate gene-strands in various ways. And each and every one of us experiences millions of such damages every day.

Luckily, your body is equipped with no less than five interrelated mechanisms for that repair damaged DNA strands. These five mechanisms are so efficient that they can help your cells and tissue stay healthy for year after year on end. Sometimes, however, these repair systems make small errors. Over time these errors can add up because the body’s repair system becomes less effective with advanced age.

Protecting your genes is therefore important because DNA damage is associated with many underlying causes of age-related issues. Some research even suggests that DNA damage might even be a primary cause of aging.

Fortunately, scientists have found specific natural compounds that can help protect your DNA from various types of damage inflicted by both internal and external factors.

Curcumin and other ingredients can help prevent damage to DNA

Curcumin is an example of natural ingredients with properties that can protect genes from damage. Used for thousands of years as a health remedy in traditional Asian medicine, curcumin has been found to both support and protect them from various types of damages. Curcumin works two ways to protect the strands in two ways. Being an antioxidant, it prevents free radicals to inflict damage on them. At the same time, it also upregulates genes responsible for the destruction of certain types of mutated cells.

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