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How to Manage Joint Discomfort Naturally

How to Manage Joint Discomfort Naturally
By Frederik 3 years ago 2943 Views

By Marie Parks

One of the most common ailments that limit individuals in their work, physical activity, and leisurely hobbies is joint stifness.1

It makes sense that the risk of joint stiffness and discomfort increases as we age because of the cumulative wear and tear on our bodies. And even if you take a proactive approach, it still may be difficult to completely avoid the aches and pains that are common with getting older.

That being said, below are four strategies that have been proven to help with managing joint stiffness and discomfort. Try them!

1. Keep Moving

Most people use joint stiffness as an excuse to not exercise, but this is only making their situation worse. Of course, we’re not saying you have to run a marathon or squat 200 pounds. We're talking about light to moderate physical activity, like biking or swimming. Both are great ways to improve your range-of-motion, strengthen your muscles, and prevent obesity.2,3

Research has even shown a reduction in knee discomfort after partaking in an aerobic activity regimen.4

2. Hot and Cold Therapy Eases joint discomforts

If you have pain and swelling, ice can help reduce the inflammation and therefore ease some of the discomfort.5 You can use a bag of frozen vegetables or freeze a water bottle that can serve as a massager as well!

If you have joint discomfort and stiffness, heat can help relax tendons and ligaments, which increases flexibility and range-of-motion and ultimately aid in lessening pain.

3. Spicy Foods Help Ease Arthritis Pain

Spices not only add flavor to meals, but some of them have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the main cause of joint discomfort, so consuming spicy foods and supplements that block inflammation can ultimately reduce it.

Some of the best inflammation-fighting spices are curcumin,6,7 ginger,8,9 garlic,10,11 and cinnamon.15,16 Sprinkle some on your next dish!

4. Supplement with Joint-Supporting Nutrients

Another cause of joint stiffens and discomfort is the degradation of joint structures like cartilage and synovial fluid, which are necessary for joint cushioning and lubrication. Numerous supplements have shown to provide building blocks for joint structures and help prevent further deterioration.

The top joint-supporting supplements we suggest are glucosamine,14,15 undenatured type-II collagen,16, 17 hyaluronic acid,18,19 and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).20, 21


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