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Multivitamins: Fill in Your Nutritional Gaps

Multivitamins: Fill in Your Nutritional Gaps
By Frederik 2 years ago 2589 Views

Few things can make you as satisfied as a nice, varied meal. Other than tasting good and filling your stomach, daily meals consisting of vegetables, fruits, fiber and healthy protein sources are essential to your body because it packs the nutrients your body needs.

A varied diet is always the best way to make sure that you get your nutritional needs covered, but some people may still experience that their diet does not cover their nutritional needs fully. In other words, there may be nutritional gaps in your diet – and this is where multivitamins are needed.

Knowing What You Need?

We know it can be difficult finding out which vitamins are lacking from your diet, and know it can be a jungle to navigate in what to take when and how much.

It is important that you review your supplements occasionally to make sure that you are fully covered with the most important vitamins and minerals. Stress, aging, psychological traumas and other changes in your life might influence on which vitamins and minerals you need and must consider supplementing with.

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Life Extension Multivitamins

Life Extension’s science-based Multivitamin formulas deliver ideal doses of the full spectrum of essential nutrients –and may help prevent illnesses, mental disorders and slow down the aging process.

Dosing vitamins and minerals at this level goes way beyond protection against deficiencies. It enters the world of optimizing energy levels, hormonal balance, cardiovascular wellness, bone strength, digestive ease, visual acuity, cognitive agility, emotional stability, and joint integrity.

Finally, our high potency formulas are cost-effective, convenient, and cover your body’s daily needs of vitamins & minerals.