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Probiotic Supplementation Can Help Improve Depressive Symptoms

Probiotic Supplementation Can Help Improve Depressive Symptoms
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People who have symptoms of depression may benefit from supplementation with probiotics with or without prebiotics, according to a systematic review published in the journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health.* For their review, the researchers selected seven studies that enrolled a total of 361 men and women.

The studies examined the effects of at least one probiotic bacteria strain on anxiety or depression. “Every study demonstrated a significant, quantitatively evident, decrease/improvement of symptoms and/or biochemically relevant measures of anxiety and/or depression for probiotic or combined prebiotic– probiotic use,” the authors reported.

The authors concluded that the effects of prebiotic and probiotic therapy against depression and anxiety warrant further investigation in larger populations. Editor’s Note: Probiotics are helpful bacteria residing in the intestinal tract that help in digestion and other aspects of health. Prebiotics are nutrients that support the growth of these microorganisms.

MJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health. 2020:bmjnph-2019-000053

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