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Reduce toxic waste from old cells

Reduce toxic waste from old cells
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Senescent cell accumulation is a contributor to systemic aging. Natural plant extracts can help reduce the senescent cell burden and lower the harmful compounds they emit. The buildup of senescent cells continues to be recognized as a causative factor in degenerative aging.

Plant flavonoid (apigenin) can reduce the toxic secretions that emanate from senescent cells. Senolytics Remove Senescent Cells Plant-Based Senolytics - the nutrient quercetin is successful as a senolytic agent on its own, without combining it with a cancer drug.

Cellular senescence is a major contributor to rapid aging and risk for degenerative illnesses. Senolytic therapies remove senescent cells from the body, rejuvenating tissues and preventing the chronic damage that senescent cells do. Major advances have been made in senolytic treatments in the last few years, including demonstrating that these interventions can remove senescent cells in human subjects. Some of the earliest senolytic compounds used were chemotherapy drugs. Recent research has shown that plant-derived nutrients function via similar senolytic mechanisms.

A New Senolytic Triple Therapy

- As cells age, some of them become senescent. This means they are dysfunctional, but don’t die of like most damaged cells.

- Senescent cells rob their tissues of function. They also secrete compounds that incite chronic inflammation, causing damage and dysfunction to surrounding tissues.

- Cellular senescence is linked to rapid aging and increased risk for chronic disease.

- Senolytics are compounds capable of removing senescent cells. The most common senolytic therapy studied so far is a combination of the plant nutrient quercetin and a cancer drug,

- Recent research has found that theaflavins from black tea provide similar senolytic effects

- A third nutrient, called apigenin, pro- vides further protection. It suppresses the secretion of pro-inflammatory com- pounds by existing senescent cells.

- Together, these three plant-based nutrients provide powerful protection against the damage done by cellular senescence.

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