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Who said losing weight needs to be hard?

Who said losing weight needs to be hard?
By Frederik 3 years ago 2899 Views

How to Boost Weight Loss With Natural Ingredients

Did you know that natural supplements can get you a long way towards weight loss? Nature offers a lot of ways that can help you shed the extra weight.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential to maintaining a normal weight. However, if you want to put in the hard work of exercising and carefully monitoring your diet, why not make sure that you achieve your desired results?

The truth is that nature is full of ingredients that can help you both maintain a normal weight, as well as boost your weight loss. Below we have selected a few of the best compounds for helping you to lose weight faster:

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There is evidence that fish oil can also help you shed weight. For instance, a study showed that study participants who included fish oil in an energy-restricted diet lost 2,2 pounds more than their control group.

Green tea

Green tea is full of polyphenols that have shown cholesterol-lowering effects in human trial studies. In an analysis of 11 studies, green tea decreased body weight by three pounds after 12-13 weeks of daily green tea consumption. Moreover, another analysis of 15 studies combined green tea with has also shown that green tea catechines combined with caffeine can produce a decrease Body Mass Index (BMI). Furthermore, this combination also lowered body weight in comparison to control groups.


Extracts from this mango-like fruit from West Africa has been shown to reduce fat deposits and to promote healthy blood lipids and fasting blood sugar levels. The Irvingia extracts are also thought to work by inhibiting the development of fat cells. In a study where participants took Irvingia seed extracts for 10 weeks, they decreased their body fat percentage by 6,3% compared to 1,9% in their placebo control group.

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