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Win a Keto Before 6™ or € 20 Voucher

Win a Keto Before 6™ or € 20 Voucher
By Frederik Gammelby Jensen 2 years ago 2157 Views

All it takes is a photo!

Are you ready for a summer competition? Share and enjoy!

How to Play

  • Share your photo of a Keto Before 6™ in your Instagram feed from 4 to 31 July 2019
  • Tag @lifeextesioneurope
  • Use hashtags #ketobefore6 #lifeextensioneurope #ketociety #quicksilverscientific

The first 20 people to post on Instagram using our hashtags can choose between receiving either a FREE Keto Before 6™ 100 ml or a € 20 voucher with FREE Shipping included. Winners will be announced 1 August 2019 and will be contacted in a private message on Instagram, so don’t forget to check if you are the lucky winner!

Don’t wait, start sharing and enjoy!

Burn Fat with Keto Before 6™

Keto Before 6™ is a revolutionary formula that supports the benefits of a ketogenic (fat burning) diet while allowing greater dietary freedom.

The active ingredients in Keto Before 6™ 100 ml can:

  • Support ketone generation while following a standard or intermittent keto diet.
  • Enable the body to shift from glucose to fat burning in a matter of a few days
  • Rapidly return the body to ketosis after carbohydrate consumption
  • Allow a more flexible diet and lifestyle

You can learn more about Keto Before 6™ here.

Competition Disclaimer: FREE Shipping only applies to countries listed under our shipping conditions. The competition will run from Thursday 4 July to Wednesday 31 July 2019, 23:59 CET. Participants must be 18 years or older and only the first 20 people to complete the above-mentioned competition conditions will receive one of the two prizes we offer for this competition. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash in any way, shape or form and must be used in our store before 31 December 2019, 23:59 CET. Winners will be contacted directly on Instagram in a private message.