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Health Benefits at a Glance:

The heart is your body’s most important muscle because it delivers blood to all organs via the cardiovascular system. As such, a strong and healthy heart is the prerequisite for full body health and overall health. The three cutting-edge products in Quicksilver Scientific’s Heart Health Kit offers fantastic synergetic support for a strong and healthy heart and overall health, delivering natural ingredients such as vitamin C, PQQ, CoQ10, resveratrol, lipoic acid and plant extracts with circulatory benefits.


Why it Works:

Lifegiving oxygen and nutrients are passed along the bloodstream into your body’s cells why keeping your heart healthy is absolutely essential to maintaining overall health and physical wellbeing.


The Heart Health Kit combines the latest circulatory adaptogenic blend from Quicksilver Scientific with energy-boosting CoQ10, PQQ and Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid, offering all the necessary nutrients for keeping your heart both strong and resilient.


The Heart Health Kit contains three of Quicksilver Scientific’s popular products, which each offer support for a healthy heart in unique ways that complement each other.


Nanoemulsified Noto Bravi


Nanoemulsified Noto Bravi is formulated for everyday use by those who are interested in sharpening memory and attention, elevating mood, and maintaining excellent cognitive function, while at the same time supporting heart health by promoting circulation. The formula includes four adaptogenic botanicals that have been shown to support cognition, brain health and blood flow in the body.


The One®


The One® is a unique and powerful liposomal formula consisting of mitochondria-boosting PQQ, CoQ10, resveratrol, tocotrienols, and extracts from no less than nineteen different herbs that can support energy output, which leaves you energized and revitalized.


Liposomal Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid


Two of our most powerful and versatile antioxidants—Vitamin C and Lipoic Acid are paired to protect against free radicals in the energy producing mitochondria and throughout the body in Liposomal Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid from Quicksilver Scientific. In addition to functioning as extraordinary antioxidants on their own, both can support increased levels of glutathione in the body.


The Science Behind the Product:

The nutrients in this kit are delivered using the patented liposomal delivery system called Quicksilver Delivery Systems™ from Quicksilver Scientific.

Liposomes are tiny vesicles that contain nutrients. These microscopic spheres are made of lipids - the same material that the cell membranes are made of. When nutrients are delivered this way, they can bypass the cell membrane and deliver nutrients directly inside the cell. This helps to increase bioavailability considerably.

Moreover, when nutrients are delivered like this, it simultaneously nourishes the cell membrane and helps the cell absorb nutrients, as well as ridding itself of toxins.


How to Use:

  • Nanoemulsified Noto Bravi:

○         Take 2-4 pumps as needed. Hold in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing. May be mixed into water. Repeat to desired dosage or as directed by healthcare professional. Best taken on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals. Use within 60 days of opening

  • The One®:

○        Take 1 teaspoon per day. Hold in mouth 30 seconds or more before swallowing. May be mixed into water. Best taken on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals. Use within 60 days of opening

  • Liposomal Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid:

○        Take 2 pumps twice per day. Hold in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing. May be stirred into a small amount of water. Best taken on an empty stomach. Use within 30 days of opening. Refrigerate upon receipt.


Reference List:


  1. Quicksilver Scientific, link:, accessed 05-03-2019




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For product details, please refer to the individual components:

Liposomal Vitamin C, 120 ml

Nanoemulsified Noto Bravi, 50 ml

The One, 100 ml 

A cutting-edge heart health support kit

For you, if you are looking for a cutting-edge heart health kit

The active product ingredients in Heart Health Kit can:

  • Support blood flow in the heart and blood vessel health (Nanoemulsified Noto Bravi)
  • Support and enhance energy production in the cells (The One®)
  • Stimulate antioxidant and detox systems (Liposomal Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid)
  • Include vitamin C, PQQ, CoQ10, resveratrol, lipoic acid and more for optimal heart health

The Heart Health Kit from Quicksilver Scientific is a state-of-the-art heart health boosting program. With a combination of three products that complement each other perfectly, this product kit offers a fantastic support program for a stronger and healthier heart and cardiovascular system.

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