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N-acetyl carnosine 

N-acetyl-carnosine is a derivative of the dipeptide carnosine, known for its ability to penetrate the front chamber of the eye and transform into carnosine. 

This unique property makes N-acetyl-carnosine an effective ingredient in eye drops designed to deliver therapeutic benefits directly to the eye's lens and other structures.

Benefits of N-acetyl-carnosine

  • Based on both established and recent science, there is now a two-part strategy of using both carnosine and N-acetyl-carnosine to help reduce the risk of cataracts.
  • Once administered, N-acetyl-carnosine eye drops penetrate the cornea to reach the front chamber of the eye, where they convert into active carnosine.
  • This direct delivery system enhances carnosine levels in the eye, particularly beneficial for the lens and corneal health.
  • Studies have shown that N-acetyl-carnosine 1% eye drops acts as a stabilising agent and significantly improves the visual performance of cataract-affected eyes.
  • Patients report enhanced clarity and overall visual function, with a notable impact on slowing the progression of cataracts.
  • Using N-acetyl-carnosine in conjunction with carnosine supplements offers a comprehensive approach to reducing the risk of cataracts and supporting eye health.
  • These formulations often include lubricating agents, that are safety ensured and efficacy for regular use.


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