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What drove Life Extension® in 1980 remains as a passion today: unparalleled innovation, meticulous research and a science-based approach to developing premium nutrient formulations.

This pioneering spirit continues, as there are exciting changes happening with the Life Extension® brand.

40 years
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Life Extension® ‘s true passion and dedication has always been driven by the singular goal of optimizing your health so you can live a long, happy life.

New look

For 40 years, Life Extension® has focused on finding new ways to help you live your healthiest life. Throughout, they have relied on three things for success: you, their science and their innovative spirit. As you know, innovation is ever evolving.

The Life Extension® rebrand is the result of ongoing efforts to represent evolution as a company. During the transition period, products may arrive in either brand packaging. Regardless of packaging, you will always receive premium products backed by our 100% hassle-free satisfaction guarantee.

New Look FAQ: Why the change?

Life Extension®’s rebrand is the result of ongoing efforts to represent their evolution as a company.

What does it mean for the products?

Definitely not. We would never sell you outdated products. However, during Life Extension®’s transition period, products may arrive in either brand packaging. Regardless of packaging, you will always receive premium products backed by our 100%, 100-days, no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.

Have your product formulas changed along with the new packaging?

Life Extension® perpetually innovate their products, so they are ever evolving. However, new package design is not what signals a new product formulation. When Life Extension® reformulate products, they announce it and explain what the differences are and what you can expect. Most products have just experienced a package update, nothing else.

I see the new bottles are translucent, will that affect the integrity of the products?

No. There will not be any product integrity issues associated with the new translucent bottles. In fact, bottles like these are fairly common in the industry. Plus, they are recyclable. Please recycle.

Are your prices changing because of the new packaging?

No. We pride ourselves on being financially responsible. Our new looks will not impact pricing.

What Life Extension® stands for

Rigorous Science

Rigorous Science

Life Extension®’s work is anchored in scientific discipline, from laboratory and clinical trials to product sourcing and formulations. Life Extension® go where the science leads them and stretches its exacting principles beyond possibility.

Science is ever-evolving. Life Extension® doesn’t just read about and dissect the research of others, they conduct their own clinical studies with the goal of extending the healthy human life span. Their innovative dietary supplements don’t just happen.

They are carefully evaluated, created and developed, because they don’t take your trust lightly, and they never rest on the successes of yesterday. Forward Life Extension® goes, often ahead of others and always with your best health in mind.

More than €160 million donated to scientific research

Visionaries do not lag behind, they lead. Wherever the science leads, Life Extension® goes there for you. In four decades, Life Extension® has helped fund €160 million in research. Each year, this research provides the insights to make their already optimum products better and better. So, each time you buy a product, money will go back into funding for furthur research to the benefit of all our customers.

More than €160 million donated to scientific research
Passionate Excellence: Quality, Purity and Potency

Passionate Excellence: Quality, Purity and Potency

Your health deserves nothing less than the highest standards of quality, purity and potency. And it’s what fuels Life Extension®‘s passion for excellence in all they do.

Exacting Standards for Your Good Health (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Life Extension® don’t just claim their products are good, they can prove it. Their quality control standards have earned them GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) registration from NSF International (an independent organization that provides product manufacturing and testing standards for public health and the environment). Their products are designed with your health, wellness and longevity as our primary ingredients.

Exacting Standards for Your Good Health
Staying Ahead of the Curve

Staying Ahead of the Curve

From revolutionary formulas to innovative ways to help you get maximum results time and again, Life Extension®’s commitment to advance human health has made history. Many of the strategies they recommend are so ahead of the curve, they have been proven to be 10 to 20 years ahead of mainstream medical implementation.

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