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We distribute over 400 products with the best quailty and ingredients. Some with local labels.

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Access to over 24 health protocols

Get the comprehensive protocols from Life Extension® and Quicksilver Science.

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Shared local market knowledge

We support you with data and insights for your local market to get the best product fit and scaled growth.

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Unique products in Europe

Exclusivity with local label

We have the privilege to be working with the leaders of science-based supplement development and you can get access to that too. Having our own European Head of Science Affairs makes us able to keep a close eye on the market, which means we can deliver within the legislative framework in the different European countries.

More than 400 products in 25 product categories match the need for fundamental vitamins and supplements to health problems covered by the purest ingredients and the latest science.

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Access to health protocols

Our featured health protocols include cognitive decline, weight loss, high blood pressure, maintaining a healthy microbiome, and more.

They give you access to insights from some of the finest health professionals at Life Extension, and can help discover new scientific methods and effects on the body.

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Featured articles in the March/April 2023 issue


People seeking modest weight loss often turn to plant-based alternatives that are backed by human research.

This article describes research supporting the use of this fruit that originated in the Mediterranean.

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We are the exclusive partner in Europe for two of the strongest brands within nutritional supplements, which gives us strong competitive benefits as we can adjust products to match the EU market and regulations. We have direct access and insights into the science behind the products and ingredients, the latest product launches, health trends, and technologies.

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