Life Extension Thermo Weight Control, 60 vegetarian capsules with Capsifen® for fat burning and healthy weight loss.

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Life Extension Partner presents:

The new product: 'Thermo Weight Control'

A new product with an improved formula for healthy fat burning

Promote a healthy weight with 2 gummies a day

Fight fat cell size & accumulation

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Tasty, sugar-free 3 mg melatonin gummies for healthy sleep

So, sweet dreams indeed!

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Expiry date: June 1st, 2023
Expiry date: June 1st, 2023
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Expiry date: May 1st, 2023

Distributor of leading brands within nutritional supplements in Europe

For almost 25 years, Life Extension Europe has distributed leading brands within nutrition in Europe of 500+ products.

We are not only distributing, we are the exclusive partner in Europe for two of the strongest brands within nutrition, which makes us able to adjust products to match the EU market and regulations.

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High quality, science-based supplements

Want to grow your business with some of the most well-respected brands in the industry?

All our products are rooted in detailed scientific research to provide the best foundation for the products. Each of the products is based on the same 3 core principles: Quality, Potency, and Purity.

We offer our partners the best terms and conditions for growing your business, together with us.

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Access to the latest science

As our business partner, you have access to the latest research on health and wellness in current and archived Life Extension Magazines. Here you can read about up-to-date coverage and medical breakthroughs from around the world.

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