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We want to inspire and support people to live healthier, and the core driver is our proven blend of unique scientific formulas, high-quality knowledge, new technologies, and products combined with measured results from our customers, nutritionists, athletes, and medical professionals.

UNFORTUNATELY - we experience challenges with our Affiliate program after migrating to our new E-commerce Platform.

As we can't provide the service level we aim for to our valued customers, we have chosen to shut down the program temporarily.

Until we can launch the superior Affiliate program, you deserve the following terms for our Affiliate partners are:

  • Existing Affiliate partners will have their commission converted to bonus points. In addition, we'll offer a unique voucher code you can share with your customers, and we'll be able to track all purchases manually to calculate your commission in the temporary period. Please get in touch with our Customer Care team at
  • New requests for becoming Affiliate partners we are not able to help in the temporary period. We recommend signing up at to receive a notification and information when our new Affiliate program launches.

The estimated launch is 2022.

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