Science behind

Life Extension Europe stands for having the Highest Quality Vitamins & Minerals, powered by Science

Unique formulations based on the latest research

We are not only looking at the quality of products but also if the brands and their formulas are supported by scientific research and innovation. Thus, our premium-quality supplements are based on the very latest in nutritional research to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit. Each product is scientifically designed and developed using the purest, most bioavailable ingredients with only one goal in mind: to help our customers live healthy, longer, and happier lives.

Our Commitment to quality

This we are extremely proud of, as we for the last 30 years have aimed for finding the best brands within nutrition. Those brands make quality a top priority and adhere to stringent quality standards such as production in accordance with GMP.

In addition, Life Extension Europe has active food safety and quality management system that meets the requirements of HACCP. This guarantees strict standards for product quality as well as handling and storage of the goods in our facilities. Thanks to these combined efforts, our customers can rest assured that our food supplements are safe, pure, and potent.

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