Why do you need Minerals?

Minerals are essential to human health because they support thousands of processes and functions in the human body. In fact, your body uses them for many different important tasks, such as keeping your bones, heart and brain healthy. They also play an important role in hormone health, help maintaining a healthy immune system and more.

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Why are mineral supplements good for you?

The Highest Quality Minerals

  • Supports thousands of essential bodily processes and functions
  • Help your cells to perform optimally
  • Contributes to the maintenance of mental sharpness and fitness
  • Supports bone strength, nervous system function, and more
Minerals are essential to human health because they support thousands of processes and functions in the human body. The human body needs them to build bones. It also uses them to maintain healthy brain function in advanced age, support the nervous system function, and support literally hundreds of enzymatic processes.
In fact, the body needs an astonishing amount of minerals to function. Magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, boron, manganese, , and molybdenum are just some of these compounds that the body needs to perform its duties every day.

The Science Behind our Minerals

Life Extension’s science-based mineral formulas are of the highest quality deliver ideal doses of essential nutrients. We have a wide assortment of mineral products of all types, including all of the above-mentioned compounds and many more.
The body needs minerals from an external source. However, obtaining these through food can sometimes be a difficult task, why supplementing your diet makes perfect sense. That's why it is very important to make sure that you cover your daily needs for full and adequate supplementation.
Supplementing your diet with mineral products of the highest quality does not only protect you against common deficiencies, such as iron deficiency. Making sure that you get adequate and high-quality minerals that your body needs on a daily basis is not only necessary but can also contribute to your overall mental and physical health.
Our mineral products come in a wide variety of delivery forms. You can either get them as stand-alone mineral products or in multivitamin formulas that contain everything you need to cover your daily needs.