The Keto or Ketogenic diet, is a popular trend in healthy lifestyle

A science-based fat burning method, with results ranging from weight loss to improved brain function. When the body needs to use energy, it uses glucose first and then fat deposits. Step into Ketociety.

What is Keto?

A science-based fat burning method.
The keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet, is one of the most popular healthy lifestyle trends right now (2018 # 1 on google search diet). With results ranging from weight loss to improved brain function, this healthy eating approach deserves the attention it receives.
In short, when the body uses up energy, it burns glucose first and then fat. But with a keto diet, the body is more likely to burn fat than glucose when it reaches the ketogenic (fat burning) state.
It is for this reason that the keto diet has recently taken over the continents as it promotes weight loss, improves energy levels, increases thinking skills and has a positive effect on chronic diseases.
What is ketosis?
When you replace carbohydrates with healthy fats as the main food source, your body goes into a metabolic state called ketosis. A constant high-fat diet uses up excess glucose stored in your body. Your body becomes extremely efficient at producing energy by producing ketones instead of glucose. A ketone is made up of an acid substance that is released into the bloodstream during ketosis.
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With the right keto diet, it takes about two weeks for the body to reach the state of ketosis. Fortunately, there are a number of nutraceuticals that help put the body into fat burning in a matter of days by inhibiting the mTOR signaling pathway and allowing the body to quickly go into ketosis.
Keto Before 6 ™ puts the body into ketosis (fat burning state) within a few days, not weeks. This enables a varied and sustainable diet that supports a healthy weight, energy production, cognitive performance and cell regeneration.
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