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Why do you need Selenium?

It is a very important component for a healthy metabolism and a healthy immune system

Selenium is a source element and Mineral that is found in the soil. Though people and animals only require a very small amount of Selenium, it’s still a very important component in playing a role in a healthy metabolism.

Selenium, which is typically found in the tissue of animals, is also used in several industrial settings as well. It is a beneficial to health on several levels, the chemical element is chalked full of free radical fighting Antioxidants. These antioxidants play a huge part in the proper function of a healthy immune system.

Most people will receive enough Selenium from a healthy diet but those suffering from diseases that affect the immune system such as HIV and Chrons Disease may have a hard time filling their small requirement for Selenium in the diet.

For those people who are suffering from a weakened immune system it is recommended that a supplement is taken to fill the minimum daily requirement for Selenium.

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