The Quicksilver Scientific
Health System

Restore • Maintain • Advance

Quicksilver Scientific Health System

The nutritional value of liposomal delivery cannot be overstated. Liposomal delivery is not only excellent at delivering nutrients directly into the cells but also provide the basis for highly effective detoxification processes. This is because detoxifying agents also can be delivered with liposomes.

This adds a whole new perspective to supplementation in general.

In the Quicksilver Scientific Health System there are three phases to effective supplementation: Restore, Maintain, and Advance.

Each phase can help you on your path to achieve optimal health, and ultimately shorten the distance between you and your Health Goals.

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The “Restore” phase is the first step. Quicksilver Scientific has developed protocols to remove toxins from your body as well as addressing allergies and microbial imbalances. These protocols help restore the balance of both the immune and autonomic nervous system. This readies your body to proceed to build and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Once you have cleansed your body and restored and rebalanced autonomic and immune response you need to maintain your progress. This is done by supplementing with nutrients and botanicals that fit the specific needs of your body.



Once you have built a base of nutrients that fits you, it is time to specialize your regiment even further. In the “Advance” phase, you customize your supplementation regiment by adding nutrients to your regiment that help you reach your personal Health Goals.

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