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SlimFast Keto Shake Rich Chocolate

Flavored supporting you in your Keto lifestyle

Item #50513 350g 1 Powder 2 per serving In stock

For you, if you are looking for a flavored taste that supports you in your Keto lifestyle.

The active ingredients in SlimFast Keto Shake Rich Chocolate can:

  • Provide balanced low carb nutrition fueled by fats
  • Support you in your Keto lifestyle
  • Support your metabolism with added vitamins and minerals

Help you feel Keto confident, our Rich Chocolate Shake is fuelled by fats and free from sugars.

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Product Details

Health Benefits at a Glance:

Keto has become one of the most popular diet plans in the nutrition world, especially for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. With reported results ranging from weight loss to optimized brain function, this approach to healthy eating is well worth the attention it’s receiving. In short, when the body needs to use energy, it uses glucose first and then fat deposits. But with a keto diet, the body burns fat rather than glucose as it reaches a ketogenic (fat-burning) state. As a result, the keto diet has recently swept the continent for its ability to promote weight loss, improve energy levels, enhance mental clarity, and positively impact chronic disease. This high-fat, no sugar SlimFast Keto powder, with a flavored taste, will support you in your ketogenic lifestyle, or anytime you may feel hungry.

Why it Works:

If Rich Chocolate is your go-to, our NEW Rich Chocolate Keto Fuel Shake will hit the spot! Crafted to help you feel Keto confident, our Rich Chocolate Shake is fuelled by fats and free from sugars.

The Science Behind the Product:

When you replace carbohydrates with healthy fats as your main source of nutrition, your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis. As you continue eating high-fat foods, the excess glucose stored in your body is depleted. Your body becomes extremely efficient at burning fat instead of glucose for energy by producing ketones A ketone is an acidic chemical that is released in the blood while you’re in ketosis. SlimFast Keto is also enriched with zinc, helping your body metabolise fatty acids, and vitamins B6 & B12, to boost your metabolism and releasing energy.

How to Use:

  • To prepare your shake:
  • A: Take 180ml of water
  • B: Add 2 level scoops of powder to the water (scoop in tub)
  • C: Cover and shake well for approximately 20 seconds

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Supplement Facts

Meal replacement for weight control**

Serving Size: 35 g

Servings per Container: 10

Nutrition Facts
1 serving = 200 ml (35 g powder + 200 ml of water).

  Per 100 ml Per Serving
Energy (kJ) 355 833
Energy (kcal) 85 199
Fat (g) 6.6 15
of which saturates (g) 5.7 13
Carbohydrate (g) 1.6 3.8
of which sugars (g) 0.1 0.2
Fibre (g) 1.3 3.0
Protein (g) 4.0 9.5
Salt (g) 0.18 0.43

Vitamins & Minerals      
  Per 100 ml Per Serving %RI* per Serving
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.09 0.22 15
Vitamin B12 (µg) 0.16 0.37 15
Zinc (mg) 0.63 1.47 15

*RI = EU Reference Intake ** No RI Available

Ingredients: coconut oil powder (milk), calcium caseinate (milk), fat-reduced cocoa powder (19%), medium chain triglyceride powder (7%) (milk), avocado oil powder (3%), flavouring (milk), stabilisers (xanthan gum, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose), salt, sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K), vitamin B6, zinc oxide, vitamin B12.

May contain gluten, egg, peanuts, soya, nuts.


To prepare your shake:

A: Take 200 ml of water.

B: Add 2 level scoops of powder to the water (scoop in tub).

C: Cover and shake well for approximately 20 seconds.

*As part of the Slimfast 3.2.1 plan. Substituting two daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss. The Plan is a calorie-controlled diet. Individual results will vary. Healthy weight loss is 1–2 lbs per week.

**Substituting one daily meal of an energy-restricted diet with a meal replacement contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss.

If you are adolescent, pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or want to lose more than 20% of your weight - then talk about your weight loss plans with your doctor or dietitian. SlimFast meals or keto shakes and bars are not designed to be your only food - add a balanced nutritious meal and healthy snacks every day. Can only help weight loss as part of a calorie-controlled diet and an active lifestyle.

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