Super Sale

Super Sale – Shop at our Lowest Prices of the Year

Super Sale is the yearly sale at Life Extension Europe.

During Super Sale, you will get our Lowest Prices of the Year, and you save minimum 10% on all products.

What do we mean…

  • For you who know Super Sale from previous years: our Everyday Low Prices on the entire site includes “the old” 25% discount. So this year the Super Sale discount is an extra 10% on that price!
  • This year we have volume discounts on all products too! That way you can actually save 14% if you buy 4 units of the same product – on a price that has already been decreased.

Stock up at our Lowest Prices of the Year!

With the biggest discounts of the year, Super Sale is your chance to stock up on your favorite products or even experience products you have thought of trying. The choice is entirely yours!

Super Sale is packed with surprises

Super Sale turns 30 this year with the Life Extension brand. That’s why we are celebrating it with special offers during the Super Sale period.


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Have a happy Super Sale!


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