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With foreword by Dr Eugene Shippen, author of the New York Times Bestseller The Testosterone Syndrome

"Dr John" Crisler is a world renowned expert on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), having created several treatment protocols which have changed the way physicians everywhere care for their patients. There are good reasons why men have travelled to be seen by him from every state as well as dozens of foreign countries: "Dr John" successfully treats the tough cases. Realizing the need for a short, comprehensive work to help his colleagues learn how to administer testosterone replacement therapy, he wrote the first version of "TRT: A Recipe for Success" in 2004. It showed how to provide, start to finish, optimum treatment for hypogonadism. It wasn't long before it became the most highly read paper in the history of the field of endocrinology. That happened because "Dr John" freely released it into the men's health internet message board community, where thousands of men congregate in hope of finding the TRT they need and deserve. As it turned out, nonphysicians found great value in the paper, as it well-equipped them to recognize their own health problems, find doctors to treat them, what questions to ask when they got there, what labs for ask for, and even to present the paper in hope of helping their doctors best help them. Unfortunately, many lay persons currently know more about testosterone replacement therapy than their doctors.

Advances in this field of medicine, as well as Dr Crisler's growing clinical experience, produced an update in 2010. The paper has now been expanded into this much more comprehensive, updated book. Contained within its pages are the keys to diagnosing hypogonadism ("low T"), the labs to run, the different kinds of TRT—and which one may be best for you—as well as the "meat and potatoes" of TRT: the strategies to optimize your health and happiness. You will also find advice with regard to the concerning problem of gynecomastia and how to recharge your sex life.

The book's foreword, provided by Dr Eugene Shippen, bestselling author of The Testosterone Syndrome, is probably worth the cost of the book alone. In it, Dr Shippen explains how scientific studies are often misused to deny men the TRT they need, and deserve. It is an excellent starting point for a book meant as a handbook for applying the techniques of TRT medicine in a very practical way, rather than a treatise of scientific references. Dr Crisler then follows immediately with the Introduction, which further elaborates on these important concepts.

This is truly the book you need to "restore the roar!" Testosterone Replacement Therapy is written for doctors . . . but in a form that lay persons can easily understand.

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