12 steps to ultimate health

Life Extension wishes to help therapists and end consumers to identify the right steps to take to lengthen their productive life span. That is why we publish a list of the most thoroughly investigated micro nutrients and hormones each year.

Only substances where the benefit to health has been sufficiently proved scientifically are included in this list. Because our customers expect maximum effectiveness at an acceptable price, we also analyse the cost-benefit ratio. Expensive versions are normally discarded in favour of lower priced options with the same high level of effectiveness. And finally, ease of use plays an important role –for the highest possible effectiveness in the smallest number of capsules or tablets.



The current Life Extension Mix

Continuous educational advertising on health by the state has not, unfortunately, made much difference to the fact that most people still have an unbalanced diet. The intake of plant-based foods especially, in the form of fruit and vegetables, is too low. This means that many people are deficient in valuable nutrients which can help to prevent problems related to old age.

Life Extension Mix is the most comprehensive vital multi-substance. However, some users prefer to take micronutrients separately and only require a basic product that closes any gaps. Previously the only products available were traditional multi-vitamin supplements with low levels of active ingredients.

A rich supply of Omega-3 fatty acids

The benefits to health of Omega-3 fatty acids have been substantiated in numerous studies.1-50
The quality of the fish oil supplements is important and can be judged by the criteria of stability, purity and EPA/DHA content.



Maintaining optimum CoQ10 blood levels

Q10 is an essential part of mitochondria which generate around 95 % of cell energy. Investigations show that improving the mitochondria function with CoQ10 has a profound effect on health.1-3 CoQ10 is beneficial for the heart,3-21 brain,3,22-26 kidneys27-29 and other tissues.

Optimising vitamin D levels

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble prohormones that are involved in the activation of 230 to 2,800 genes in the human body.1 It plays a part in cellular differentiation, insulin secretion and regulation of blood pressure; it also performs immunological tasks.




Generating new mitochondria, protecting proteins against glyceration, optimising the function of mitochondria

The micro nutrient PQQ (Pyrroloquinolin quinone) is the first practical way of increasing the number of mitochondria through supplementation.8 The bio-PQQ in our product Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer also helps to protect the cell organs and their DNA.

Keeping your brain active

A series of natural ingredients is potentially capable of slowing or reversing the degradation process of the brain in old age. Cognitex®, with its special formula, has been available since 1982 and is adapted regularly to incorporate the latest scientific findings.



Protecting bones (women and men)

Even people who take calcium supplements can often be affected by a decrease in the mineral density of bones (osteoporosis). This is due firstly to the fact that the amounts of calcium ingested are still too low in order to compensate for normal loss during the aging process.

Maintaining prostate health

A large number of men over 50 suffer from complaints related to the prostate. Our Ultra Natural Prostate formula with AprèsFlex and standardised lignans contain all micro nutrients which help to protect the prostate.



Maintaining healthy breasts (for women)

The female breast has to do more than cope with the normal aging process. The daily influence of oestrogen-type chemicals in the environment and other negative factors mean the genetic structures of the breast must be protected.

Curcumin inhibits inflammation

Curcumin is a component in the spice plant curcuma that was used 6,000 years ago in Asia and the Middle East for medical purposes. In addition to its well-documented anti-inflammatory effect1 curcumin has so many beneficial effects that it influences almost every system of organs.



Closing the gap

The beneficial effect of micro nutrients on health is undisputed today. And yet many people shy away from supplements because of the large number of individual products they would have to take to ensure all-round health protection.

Achieving optimum blood sugar levels

Postprandial blood sugar peaks can remain over long periods of time and affect gene expression in a way that accelerates the aging process.1,2 However, in contrast it benefits our longevity genes if the fasting blood sugar level is permanently kept to around 70–85 mg/dl and blood sugar values after meals do not increase more than 40 md/dl.