Petz Park only the finest ingredients for you dog and cat
Petz Park powders are for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes
Petz Park supplements developed by veterinarians
  • All Petz Park products are developed by a team of experts under veterinary supervision.

  • The supplements are created to deliver the safest and best results for your pet, utilizing powerful nutrients that can help your pet thrive.
Petz Park ingredients, only the best for your dog and cat
  • All pet supplements are carefully crafted with only the finest ingredients and are completely grain-free.

  • They are powders to minimize inactive ingredients, meaning no vegetable oils, soy flour, artificial flavors or colors, dairy, GMOs, preservatives, or fillers.
Petz Park powder products have optimal doses for all ages, breeds, and sizes of cats and dogs
  • The entire Petz Park range is designed to suit all ages, breeds, and sizes.

  • It’s easy to provide your pet with the optimal dosage: Simply sprinkle the premium powder onto your pet’s wet or dry food or mix it in – they’ll love it!

Powerful nutrients targeted for your beloved pet!

Maintain the well-being of your dog or cat by ensuring they are healthy and happy with dietary supplements specially developed for dogs and cats,
whether as a preventive measure to promote optimal well-being right from the start or to address specific health concerns. 

Petz Park offers powerful formulas containing high-quality ingredients recognized for making a significant impact on your dog’s or cat's health.
The supplements are designed to address multiple health concerns for many stages of their lives.
 Secure a better future for your pet with our range of dietary supplements!

Petz Park expanding

From Australia to Europe

These high-quality products developed by veterinarians have made Petz Park a widely acclaimed brand for pet supplements in Australia.

As the powerful powders are cherished by both pets and their owners, this trusted brand is now also available in Europe.