About us

At Life Extension Europe, we believe that we can make a difference in your health by offering the best natural support of pure, high-quality vitamins and supplements powered by scientific research and innovation. That along with relevant knowledge and advice.

We are passionate about our products

Quality and compliance

We truly believe we have some of the best vitamins and supplements in the market, that support general health problems and improvements! 

That is because we take pride in finding the right suppliers for Life Extension Europe — premium nutritional brands that take responsibility for nature and product quality.

This includes prioritizing non-GMO and making an effort to produce clean, natural products based on science. And, as much as 70% of our products are gluten-free and 50% are vegetarian. 

Our professional Scientific department ensures the ingredients in our products are pure, potent, and of high quality. 

Just as we make sure we are compliant on the European market; that the ingredients at all times are aligned with EU ingredient standards for food supplements.

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Get help to find the way to your best fit

To support you, we are providing quality and meaningful guidance every step of the way.

We have a passionate, in-house multilingual Customer Care providing the best possible service to help you with details and questions regarding your orders in English, German, Spanish, French, or Italian. 

Together with our educated Health advisors, you can always find the optimal products for your current needs and health goals.

We offer transparent pricing with no surprises.

We are shipping from the Netherlands for faster, easier delivery and return, and no surprises in prices as all import duties and VAT are already taken care of.

Our history

For more than 25 years LifeCare Europe has been distributing premium nutritional brands.

The company started as Life Extension’s preferred distributor in Europe – only selling Life Extension® supplements. So, we became Life Extension Europe

Over the past years, we have added other high-quality, science-based brands to our range, so our customers only have to shop one place for quality supplements that support their needs.

From a one-man operation to a Europe-wide family-run business

Inspired by the groundbreaking supplements from Life Extension® in the United States, LifeCare Europe began as a one-man distribution operation in 1995. Ever since we started taking our first orders via fax, calls, and mail, LifeCare Europe has grown steadily to be a truly Europe-wide and family-run success. 

The company Life Extension Europe B.V. is located in Amsterdam, owned by the Danish LifeCare Group ApS. All marketing and management are located at LifeCare Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Only high-quality, science-based brands

How we are selecting our brands

We are not simply looking at the ingredients and formulas, but also making sure that they are supported by science and innovation. 

Life Extension Europe is the preferred distributor in Europe of leading American nutritional brands: Life Extension® and Quicksilver Scientific®. 

In addition, we're the only shop that can offer reformulated products with these brand partners to match European standards.

40 years at the forefront of pioneering medical research

With the products from Life Extension®, you can count on the highest quality products backed by science, formulated using only the finest ingredients.

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A leader within nanoemulsified liposomes

Quicksilver Scientific® is the leader in detox and liposomal delivery combining nature’s nutrients with the power of science to deliver exceptional advanced liposomal supplements that are highly bioavailable.

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Other strong brands

We currently sell these brands to over 30 countries.

We want to be your one-stop shopping place when it comes to quality supplements.

In order to deliver supplements that cover all your needs and health goals, we are also selling these unique brands.

Strong beauty-within brand

Biosil is a unique, high-quality supplement — the only supplement that protects and replenishes your own collagen production. 

Real results, clinically proven.

BioSil Logo

#1 gummies in the UK

Chewwies® is the UK’s no. 1 of gelatine-free and sugar-free gummy vitamins for children. They are free from gluten, dairy, allergens, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.


Probably the cleanest electrolyte products

Quintessential® is a perfect re-mineralization supplement by offering 100% pure seawater full of electrolytes and trace elements.

QE logo

Products developed to meet your needs 

Our quality and range are beyond the standard.


70% of our products have gluten-free nutrients.



50% of our products are vegetarian.



More than 70% of our products are Non-GMO.


Let us guide you

If you need help navigating our products, specific health topics, and recommendations on vitamins and supplements, we are ready to guide you.

We are here to support you

At Life Extension Europe, we are committed to providing excellent service to our many valued customers across Europe. 

Our multilingual, multinational Customer Care team is here to help you place your order, track your shipment and assist with any other queries you might have, in either English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Danish.

Get expert advisory

Our team of professional health advisors can advise and recommend to you which vitamins and supplements may be most beneficial for your current needs and goals. 

Book 30 minutes appointment with one of our professional Health Advisors.

Do business with us

Want to become a B2B partner?

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of leading brands powered by science and documentation, please fill in this form and our dedicated Partner team will contact you soon.

Want to become an affiliate partner? 

If you are interested in promoting our science-based vitamins and supplements, you can become an affiliate partner.

Want your brand in our portfolio?

If you are interested in having your brand included in the Life Extension Europe portfolio, please send an e-mail to our COO, Christoph Mayr, at: cmayr@lefeurope.com