Perfect replacement for Ultra Prostate Formula

41% off bundle PalmettoGuard® Saw Palmetto/Nettle Root and Beta-Sitosterol and Triple Strength ProstaPollen™

41% off a perfect replacement

For you who are searching for Ultra Prostate Formula.

Ultra Prostate Formula is delisted, and we recommend the combination of two products as an optimal replacement. Together, these two formulas provide a number of key ingredients for prostate support, complementing each other:

  • PalmettoGuard® Saw Palmetto/Nettle Root and Beta-Sitosterol delivers potent doses of saw palmetto and nettle extracts plus beta-sitosterol, which is shown to support healthy prostate function and structure. This product can also support urinary health and encourage healthy hormone metabolism.
  • Triple Strength ProstaPollen™ can benefit men of any age delivering a triple dose of flower pollen, demonstrated to support healthy urinary flow and promote a healthy prostate function.

You can enjoy a bundle discount of 41% off these two products!

The price for these two complementing products is the same as for the one Ultra Prostate Formula:

PRICE NOW: €60.68 €35.80

SAVINGS: €24.88 (41% saved) 

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