Red chili pepper enriched with capsaicin on right, five slices of chili pepper on left, on white background


Studies indicate that capsaicin, derived from red chilli peppers, improves resting energy expenditure and boosts the burning of calories.

Capsaicin supplement

Researchers have created a unique form of capsaicin by encapsulating it in a plant fibre hydrogel:

  • The result is better thermogenic benefits without stomach pain of regular capsaicin
  • Capsaican can safely boost weight loss, lower waist-to-hip ratio, BMI, and appetite
  • This capsaicin formulation shows a new way to augment a weight loss program

How does capsaicin work?

Research published in 2021 by Harvard Medical School suggests that capsaicin can mimic the effect of cold temperatures in order to activate energy-burning brown fat cells.

Brown fat tissue

Brown fat tissue is associated with greater calorie burning and protection against obesity and metabolic diseases. Preclinical studies also show that the presence of brown fat is associated with thermogenesis, lower body mass index (BMI), and improved fasting glucose levels. 

  • By activating brown fat, capsaicin supports weight loss
  • It can activate the protein TRPV1, regulating body metabolism and temperature
  • In turn, capsaicin activates brown fat cells, burning calories by thermogenesis