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Gentian root is the strongest bitter herb. 

What is gentian?

Gentian, the herbal plant, utilizes its roots and occasionally bark for medicinal purposes. The gentian herb has been used for centuries to maintain and restore gut health. Gentian falls into the category of bitters, to improve digestion.

Gentian root benefits

  • Gentian root extract can aid digestion, ease appetite loss
  • Can aid in bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, and fever
  • Gentian can help prevent muscle spasms
  • Gentian finds use in treating wounds when applied topically
  • Gentian is in various foods and beverages, utilizing its vessel-dilating properties
  • Cosmetics manufacturing also incorporates gentian

It helps manage sinusitis symptoms when taken with European elderflower, verbena, cowslip flower, and sorrel.

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