non-GMO Gluten-free Astaxanthin

MacuGuard® Ocular Support with Astaxanthin

Comprehensive support for eye health and night vision

Item #01993 60 Softgels 1 per serving In Stock
non-GMO Gluten-free Astaxanthin

MacuGuard® Ocular Support with Astaxanthin

Comprehensive support for eye health and night vision

Item #01993 60 Softgels 1 per serving In Stock

For you, if you are looking for a blend of nutrients that can support eye health and night vision

The nutrients in MacuGuard® Ocular Support with Astaxanthin can:
  • Provide comprehensive ocular nutrition in a single softgel
  • Help fight eye fatigue with astaxanthin
  • Support night vision with berry flavonoids
  • Promote healthy vision with saffron
  • Support retinal health

MacuGuard® Ocular Support with Astaxanthin can help protect your eyes for years to come by providing important nutrients that are often hard to come by. This comprehensive supplement contains lutein, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, saffron, and more.

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Product details "MacuGuard® Ocular Support with Astaxanthin"

Healthy vision is a crucial part of ensuring the quality of life as we age. MacuGuard™ Ocular Support with Astaxanthin combines ingredients that have been shown to protect eye health in an absorption-enhanced formula. (1-3)

Essential for healthy eyes: Cartenoids

The nutrients our eyes need are often hard to obtain in sufficient quantities from food alone. For instance: carotenoid nutrients found in vegetables such as lutein and specific forms of zeaxanthin make up our macular pigment which is essential to healthy eyesight. 

This part of the retina protects underlying lightsensing cells from damage by excess blue and ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, the density of the macular pigment naturally declines with age, and some of us lose the ability to produce meso-zeaxanthin from lutein over time.

That’s why MacuGuard™ Ocular Support with Astaxanthin contains lutein as well as trans-zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin. (4)

Lutein and the two types of zeaxanthin are very well-known to help preserve the health of the macula and act as defenders against excessive oxidative stress. They help keep eyes functioning well, even over time. (3,5,6)

In addition, alpha-carotene has been added based on new evidence that it helps support the macular pigment.

Fighting eye fatigue: Astaxanthin

The potent antioxidant astaxanthin that crosses the blood-eye barrier has been shown to counteract free radical damage, support vascular health within the eyes and may play a protective role against eye fatigue.

Japanese scientists have clinically studied astaxanthin. They’ve demonstrated that 6 mg of astaxanthin supplementation daily helped promote visual sharpness and eye health. (7)

Other nutrients vital for vision: Saffron and C3G

MacuGuard™ Ocular Support includes an optimal dose of saffron along with C3G (Cyanidin-3-glucoside) to support healthy vision and night vision. 

C3G from European black currant extract can encourage the regeneration of the retinal compound rhodopsin thereby helping older eyes see better at night while supplementing with saffron extract has been shown to improve vision.

Optimal absorption: Phospholipids for carotenoids

Getting these eye-healthy nutrients where you need them most is a huge part of supporting your vision health. This formula contains phospholipids, which are an important part of every cell membrane in the body. 

This can help promote absorption and accumulation of lutein and zeaxanthin. Good absorption is crucial for these nutrients to make it into the retina of the eye. (3)


Make this innovative formula a part of your nutritional regimen – and help safeguard your eyes for years to come!

Supplement Facts

Serving size 1 softgel

Amount per serving:
MacuGuard® proprietary blend 208 mg
Marigold extract (flower) [providing 10 mg lutein, 4 mg meso-zeaxanthin & zeaxanthin],
phospholipids, mixed carotenoids [providing 1.24 mg α-carotene]
Saffron extract (stigma) 20 mg
Natural Astaxanthin (from CO2 extract of
Haematococcus pluvialis algae)
6 mg
Other ingredients: 

Extra virgin olive oil, gelatin, glycerin, sunflower oil, >purified water, palm oil, beeswax, acacia gum, maltodextrin, annatto color.


Dosage and use:

Take one (1) softgel daily, with food.

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged.
  • If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating, please consult with your medical practitioner first.
  • A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Store tightly closed in a cool and dry place.
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Original source/product from Life Extension®