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Bifidobacteria are a group of bacteria called probiotics. 

Probiotics normally live in your intestines and stomach, helping to optimize digestive health.

Benefits of bifidobacteria probiotics

Prebiotics benefit the individual by stimulating the growth and/or activity of healthy bacteria in the colon, thus improving the individual’s health. It’s important to note that all prebiotics are fiber, but not all fiber is prebiotic.  

Apart from being important to digestive health, scientific discoveries show that a healthy gut microbiome can:   

  • Provide mood support 
  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Encourage healthy immune responses
  • Support whole-body health
  • Strengthen the ability to fight off disease

Bifidobacteria foods

The roles of food ingredients classified as prebiotic include the resistance to gastric acidity, enzymatic hydrolysis, and upper gastrointestinal tract absorption, fermented by intestinal flora, stimulate growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria.

Bifidobacterium supplement

Especially in older age, it's important to supplement in order to keep bifidobacteria well fed. According to research, the proportion of healthy bifidobacterial in the human gut is about 60% in infancy. By adulthood, they decline to 30%-40%, fall to about 10% in late middle age, and drop to less than 5% by old age.    

Less bifidum means more room for unhealthy, dangerous bacteria to take over. Like everything in our body, bifidobacteria need the right type of nourishment to grow and multiply.  

While bifidobacteria’s number-one food source is dietary fiber, studies have revealed that they particularly thrive on a prebiotic called xylooligosaccharide (XOS). This prebiotic was effective even when taken in relatively small amounts. 

Exciting human clinical trials demonstrate that this targeted prebiotic formulation dramatically boosts bifidobacteria in the digestive tract.


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