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French oakwood extract

French oak wood has been shown to benefit humans. Roburins are a group of ellagitannins found exclusively in oak wood. 

Each of your cells can have 10 million ribosomes, each creating proteins essential to cellular function.

French oak wood (Quercus robur) is found to promote ribosomal biogenesis, the body’s natural way of producing new ribosomes to rejuvenate ribosome function.

They can help people with chronic fatigue syndrome or less severe fatigue symptoms.

Benefits of French oak wood

  • French oak wood extract can help to naturally boost the energy of fatigue sufferers
  • Its molecules undergo changes in the intestinal tract, mediated by healthy bacteria
  • This can fight chronic fatigue syndrome and the like on several levels
  • French oak wood can contribute to positive mental health as a result

Humans have been exposed to oak wood extracts for as long as they have been keeping alcoholic beverages in aged oak barrels. 

This practice was originally adopted because of the preservative effects of fresh oak on new wines and spirits, but it has continued because of the unique flavour and character the oak provides to the ageing liquor.

French oak wood extract reviews

In a study, one group of patients was treated with 200 mg daily of French oak wood extract for at least six months. The second group received no treatment. 

The oak wood extract group experienced:

  •  44% reduction in un-refreshing sleep 
  • 18% reduction in weakness and exhaustion 
  • 63% reduction in muscle pain 
  • 33% reduction in headaches 
  • 58% reduction in depression
  • 49% reduction in mood swings and much more 

Untreated patients showed no significant changes.


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