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Like a traditional elixir, ginseng invigorates your body's energy flow, enhancing heart health and promoting vibrant circulation through its "qi-invigorating" properties.

What is Ginseng 

  • The adaptogenic herb holds the potential to enhance vitality. However, the full benefits of its biologically active components are obtained through fermented ginseng extract.
  • Utilizing fermented and bioavailable extract of Panax ginseng offers a stimulant-free surge of invigorating energy. This contributes to a proactive mood and an effective stress response.

Benefits of fermented ginseng

  • Antioxidant-rich ginseng can support ATP production within mitochondria
  • In GS15-4 fermented ginseng, a 15-fold increase is seen in absorption, improving well-being
  • Ginseng has the capacity to enhance endurance by facilitating optimal adaptation to exercise
  • Ginseng may curb cortisol levels, restore neurotransmitter balance, and reshape stress-induced fatigue
  • May combat anxiety, promote better sleep, indirectly nurturing your energy reservoirs
  • Can alleviate mental fatigue, leading to improved cognitive performance and greater mental stamina when undertaking demanding tasks
  • Ginseng may contribute to mood elevation, inducing a sense of calmness, amplifying cognitive aptitude