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Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is a type of tree that grows throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Scientific studies on escin, a bioactive compound found in horse chestnut, have shown its veno-protective properties and its ability to help combat water retention.

Benefits of horse chestnut extract

  • Can help reduce inflammation
  • Horse chestnut extract can support a healthy fluid balance with antioxidant benefits
  • Has venotonic benefits, may be helpful to veins (especially in legs)
  • Has vasoprotective functionality, it can be protective of vessels or duct actions
  • Venotone is an extract of horse chestnut with high bioavailability

Sustained release provides continuous activity while minimizing the potential for gastric irritation. 

A twelve week study has shown that continual use of Horse Chestnut Seed Extract can significantly decrease lower leg volume.


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