An essential amino acid for healthy nitrogen balance and more

It is important for growth and the promotion of proper nitrogen balance in your body. Being incorporated into many proteins, Lysine acts as a multi-functional agent used for many purposes.  

Lysine benefits

Among its potential health benefits, lysine supplementation:

  • Has been shown to increase calcium absorption and retention
  • Lysine is a building block for proteins, which are not produced by our body
  • Lysine may have anti-viral effects when it blocks the activity of arginine
  • Interacts with other amino acids to maintain growth and lean body mass
  • Helps maintain your body’s store of nitrogen

That is why vegetarians, whose diet lack of optimal amounts of beans, can become lysine deficient. Most diets provide the right amount of amino acids, even for athletes who are involved in frequent vigorous exercise. 

However for burn patients, the required amount of amino acids may be higher than the amount of lysine provided in a diet.


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