A unique anti-ageing extract for health and vascular support.

Pycnogenol has a multitude of health benefits, which may be due to its pine extract's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, especially known for supporting allergies and asthma conditions.

Pycnogenol benefits

  • May oppose excessive oxidative stress produced by diabetes
  • May reduce skin symptoms of cardiovascular disease
  • Pycnogenol may reduce risk of age-related diseases, including heart disease
  • Can boost brain cells’ natural cellular antioxidant systems, resisting cognitive decline
  • Since is anti-inflammatory, it could be of use in arthritis treatment
  • Supplementing with pycnogenol helps optimize defence against premature ageing

Pycnogenol and skin

Skin, like the rest of your body, ages as the result of a handful of biological events. Pycnogenol®, a complex mixture of flavonoids and other beneficial molecules from the bark of a European pine, combats 5 of those major ageing causes. 

  • Helps in reduces skin ageing, can prevent wrinkling and abnormal pigment deposits
  • Applied topically, averts from inflammation and immune suppression by UV radiation
  • Supplementing can enrich skin hydration and elasticity in post-menopausal women


Pycnogenol®, EU
#01637EU 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Arterial Protect
#02004 30 Vegetarian Capsules
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