What is theaflavin? The extract of black tea. It's known to give whole body health benefits. 

Theaflavin benefits

  • The polyphenols found in black tea have been linked to various health benefits, especially in tumour growth prevention. 

  • By interacting with cellular pathways and processes critical to tumour development and progression, theaflavins make it hard for them to survive and spread.
  • Theaflavin benefits endothelial and therefore heart health. 

Green tea vs black tea

One study looked at how green tea and black tea affect the health of blood vessels. Both types of tea were found to be equally good at making blood vessels work better. 

The study checked it by having healthy women drink the teas. They found that after drinking either green or black tea, the women's blood vessels could open up more easily, which is a good thing for heart health. But when they checked another way blood vessels can relax, they didn't find any difference. 

With this, whether you drink green or black tea, both are good for keeping your blood vessels healthy.


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