Vegetarian L-Citrulline Ginkgo biloba Ginseng Hawthorn Fast-acting energy non-GMO Liposomes Gluten-free Boswellia

Performance Cardio+

Whole-body circulation formula for performance, energy & longevity

Item #60074 100 ml 1 Liquid 1 per serving In Stock
Vegetarian L-Citrulline Ginkgo biloba Ginseng Hawthorn Fast-acting energy non-GMO Liposomes Gluten-free Boswellia

Performance Cardio+

Whole-body circulation formula for performance, energy & longevity

Item #60074 100 ml 1 Liquid 1 per serving In Stock

For you, if you want to support healthy blood flow and oxygenation for optimized health  

The advanced formula of Performance Cardio+ can: 

  • Promote whole-body blood circulation 
  • Encourage athletic performance & energy 
  • Promote healthy cognition 
  • Aid nitric oxide production 
  • Support normal coagulation of blood 
  • Help inhibit blood stagnation 
  • Support longevity & healthy aging 
  • Help maintain healthy sexual function 

Performance Cardio+ is a vegan, fast-acting liquid supplement to optimize health. This proprietary blend of Western modern nutraceuticals and Eastern time-honored herbs and botanicals is designed to support healthy whole-body blood circulation and cardiovascular function.

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Product details "Performance Cardio+"
Health benefits at a glance: 

Healthy circulation is key to vitality! Your heart has an important job in keeping your body running; it pumps blood through your circulatory system to nourish organs and tissues in the body. 

Supplementing for circulation is not just for the elderly or “at-risk groups” though. Food choices, lack of exercise, genetic makeup – and aging – all play a role in impeding healthy macro and microcirculation and oxygenation in the body putting the cardiovascular system at risk. 

Performance Cardio+ is an advanced whole-body circulation formula designed to promote healthy blood flow and optimize your overall health using Quicksilvers-delivery system technology for optimal absorption

Why it works: 

Quicksilver Scientific’s proprietary blend contains an array of time-honored Eastern herbs/botanicals and modern Western nutraceuticals that are found to improve macro and microcirculation throughout the body and support cardiovascular function

This power-packed formula may thus support energy, athletic performance, cognition, longevity, and healthy sexual function. 

Moreover, the product uses proprietary Quicksilver Delivery Systems® technology to create small, stable delivery vesicles (between 20-70 nm) that begin absorbing as soon as they (the liquid supplement) hit the mouth. 

The science behind the product: 

Performance Cardio+ is a vegan cardio- and cerebrovascular tonic that consists of targeted ingredients shown to promote nitric oxide levels, healthy blood flow, and circulation to every tissue in the body. These circulatory herbs/botanicals and nitric oxide building nutraceuticals are: 

Dan Sheen root extract (Salvia miltiorrhiza) 
Salvia is the most frequently and widely used blood vitalizing herb in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It’s known to increase capillary vascular net, inhibit coagulation of blood and activate fibrinolysis, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol, and support blood flow and microcirculation (capillary). (1-3) 

Ginseng Plus Panax Notoginseng root extract 
This botanical (TCM) is shown to support microcirculation to remove stagnant blood and improve circulation (including cerebral circulation) and inhibit chronic cellular senescence. It’s also a strong antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits. (4,5)

Hawthorn berry extract (Crataegus monogyna/Fructus Crataegi) 
In Western herbalism, Hawthorn is considered the “king” of heart herbs. It may improve micronutrition to the heart and surrounding capillaries via microcirculation, support the dilation of arteries, improve blood flow to the heart, and lower blood pressure and serum cholesterol. (6) 

Ginkgo leaf extract (Ginkgo biloba) 
This herb contains an array of phytochemicals (including bilobalide, ginkgolide A, ginkgolide B, and ginkgolide C) indicated to exert beneficial effects on the circulatory system. Studies show that this extract can support memory and cognition, cardiovascular system, healthy blood, venous integrity, healthy tissue fluid levels, and promote antioxidant activity for nerves and tissue. (6,7) 

He Shou Wu root extract (Fo-ti) 
This is considered a great longevity herb in TCM and contains a powerful phytochemical called Tetrahydroxystilbene 2-O-β-D-glucoside (TSG) with cardioprotective effects. It’s known as a diuretic and has been shown to lower blood cholesterol. (9-11) 

Boswellia resin extract/Boswellia Serrata root extract (Frankincense, Mastic, Olibanum) 
This herbal extract is used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat chronic inflammatory illnesses. Often combined with Myrrh to improve blood circulation. It’s known to be analgesic, emmenagogue, and antiseptic. (12) 

Myrrh resin extract (Commiphora myrrh gum/resin) 
Research indicates that myrrh protects the cardiovascular system from damage during inflammatory events by activating anti-inflammatory and antioxidant signaling pathways. It’s shown to lower blood cholesterol and prevent plaque deposition. Moreover, myrrh is known to be analgesic and emmenagogue, and to increase peristalsis. (13,14) 

Cinnamon bark oil 
Studies show that cinnamon supports cardiovascular health by lowering blood lipids, suppressing vascular smooth muscle growth, and platelet aggregation. It’s also known to be antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal and to improve digestive function. (15)

The organic compound citrulline is α-amino acid. Its name is derived from Citrullus, the Latin word for watermelon. L-Citrulline is known to increase levels of nitric oxide, protect against the progression of atherosclerosis and against endothelial senescence, and restore telomerase activity under normal glucose conditions. (16) 

How to use: 

Please take according to the dosage and use guidelines under supplement facts, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 5 ml (1 tsp.)
Servings per container: 20

Amount per day (5 ml [1 tsp.]):%RI*
L-Citrulline100 mg**
Proprietary Blend Dan Shen root extract (Salvia miltiorrhiza), Hawthorn berry extract (Crataegus monogyna),He Shou Wu (Fo-ti) root extract (Polygonum multiflorum), Ginkgo leaf extract (Ginkgo biloba), Myrrh resin extract (Commiphora myrrha), Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng root extract, Boswellia resin extract (Boswellia serrata), Cinnamon bark oil 775 mg**

*RI = EU reference intake **No RI available


Sweetener (allulose), purified water, ethanol, antioxidant (d-alpha tocopherol polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate), Dan Shen root extract (Salvia miltiorrhiza), Hawthorn berry extract (Crataegus monogyna), highly purified phospholipids (lecithins), L-citrulline, He Shou Wu (Fo-ti) root extract (Polygonum multiflorum), Ginkgo leaf extract (Ginkgo biloba), myrrh resin extract (Commiphora myrrha), Panax Notoginseng root extract, antioxidant (tocopherols), Boswellia resin extract (Boswellia serrata), natural flavoring 

Contains sweetener.



Take 1 tsp. by mouth. Hold in mouth 30 seconds before swallowing. Take on an empty stomach, at least 10 minutes before meals. If pregnant or breestfeeding, consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

Store at room temperature.


Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Original source/product from Quicksilver Scientific