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Enhance availability and absorption of nutrients

Liposomes are tiny vesicles that contain nutrients. They provide a cutting-edge delivery form, designed for a dramatic boost in nutrient absorption.

It is also the ideal method for delivering detoxification agents. 

What are liposomes?

  • Liposomes are small structures made of plant-derived phospholipids
  • These are the same types of compounds that make up cell membranes of all cells
  • This is used as a bioavailability-enhancing technique
  • Liposomes are used for nutrients that suffer from poor absorbability
  • Helps bioavailability of nutrients such as curcumin and fisetin and vitamin C

Research shows that encapsulating certain nutrients that have low bioavailability in liposomes improves the nutrient’s absorption into the bloodstream.

Read more about liposomes here


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Liposomal Vitamin C
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NAD+ Gold®, 50 ml
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Nanoemulsified Hista-Aid®
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NAD+ Platinum®
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AMPK Charge+™
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Nanoemulsified CoQ10
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