10 natural ways to detox your body without depriving yourself

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Although we do live in a society where chemicals do their part to increase toxic agents in the environment, we are all equipped with a magnificent built-in detoxification system: the liver.

The liver is one of your body’s most important organs for detoxification. It can filter almost any chemical out of your body, but it also has its limits, which can result in a dysfunctional liver, damaged by the detoxification process. 

But, you can aid your liver in its detoxification process. When you detox your body, you are eliminating toxic matter from your body by changing your daily habits.


10 natural ways to ‘detox’ your body

1. Optimize your eating habits overall 

You can still give your body a break from digesting foods without (juice) fasting. 

Find a diet that suits YOU in your everyday life and that assist your body’s natural detoxification. 

Choose foods that are packed with nutrients that support your liver, kidneys, intestines and skin. 

Complement with supplements that can help boost your detox pathways.

2. Drink more water

Water is a strong natural detoxification tool to help expel waste from your body.

3. Hydrate yourself with detoxifying drinks 

Combine tip 1+2 in 3... Add nutrient-rich ingredients to your water to help your system function optimally. And eat foods rich in water like watermelon, oranges, cucumber, etc.

4. Cut out alcohol 

For your body to cleanse better, help the liver work less hard without alcohol and inhibit its function.

5. Decrease intake of salt and sugar 

Too much salt (and if too little water) your body releases hormones that stop you from urinating, which means it will be harder to detox.

6. Get quality sleep 

A good night's sleep is probably one of the best ways to detox and restore.

7. Dry body brushing 

Dry body brushing can help boost your lymph circulation which helps transport and eliminate waste from your body

8. Sweat it out 

Exercise, use sauna or stem or infrared to boost your circulation and perspiration.

9. Massage 

A great self-care routine but also a way to detox as you can focus on your breathing, relax, and most of all stimulate your blood and lymph flow.

10. Mental diet 

Don't forget detoxing is not only about 'just' cleansing your body. Your habits and emotions shape your daily routines...

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