Protecting against sunburn from the inside out

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Ultraviolet light is very important for the synthesis of vitamin D. However, without proper protection, the sun's rays can cause more harm than good. 

Excessive sun exposure burns your skin and leads to premature skin aging, which means more wrinkles, discolorations, and risks. Moreover, skin cancer affects millions of people.

Using sunscreen is important, but most topical sunscreens block only a portion of harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the skin.

Did you know there is also an oral solution for protecting your skin? Shade Factor™ contains nutrients that (combined with topical sunscreen) can help protect you from the inside out. Read about these powerful natural nutrients here:

Sun protection with natural nutrients

It is possible to prevent DNA damage, promote DNA repair, and impede ultraviolet radiation immune suppression by taking oral nutrients. The nutrients listed above are shown to work from the inside out to help protect against sun damage (1-3):

Polypodium leucotomos extract

  • A study found that an oral extract sourced from the fern polypodium leucotomos, could possibly become an important anti-aging ingredient for the skin. 
  • Extracts from this fern have been used in South America for many years to protect against the damaging effects of excessive sun exposure.
  • Studies shows that fern can protect skin cells by blocking ultraviolet light, thus reducing sun-induced injury. 
  • Polypodium leucotomos it can also helps ease skin inflammation and block protein-destroying skin enzymes. 
  • This extract also contains a high percentage of potent antioxidants which block the formation of dangerous free radicals stopping the oxidative damage that results from excessive sun exposure. 
  • A randomized controlled clinical trial showed that taking Polypodium extract before UV exposure led to a striking 84% decrease in a UV-induced DNA mutation. (1)


  • Rearchers have confirmed that nicotinamide (a form of B3) plays a significant role in producing ATP, which facilitates DNA repair in skin cells damaged by solar radiation. (2)
  • Rapidly restoring sun-damaged DNA provides powerful protection against malignant transformation.

Red orange extract 

  • An extract of Sicilian red oranges can provide an extra layer of protection against UV-induced inflammation and oxidative stress.
  • A study concludes that this red orange extract can improve skin appearance and protect the skin against sun damage and photoaging, aging of the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation. (3)

Inside out, anti-aging beauty care

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