Carnosine: ingredient is sourced from fish, mushrooms, asparagus, prawns, peas and turkey: Life Extension Europe


Carnosine is a naturally occurring dipeptide, found in the brain and muscle tissue. It has been shown through research to support numerous health functions when supplemented daily. 

It benefits a variety of individuals, from young adults to those advanced in age, improving mental and physical capabilities.

Carnosine Benefits

  • Carnosine was shown to enhance cognitive functions and exercise capacity in young adults. 
  • In a target group of individuals suffering from heart failure, improvements were found in physical performance and overall quality of life.
  • Carnosine intake aided in better glucose metabolism, supporting the body's ability to manage blood sugar levels effectively.
  • Enhances were noticed in neurological outcomes including balance and locomotion. These are crucial for maintaining independence and preventing falls in elderly adults.
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